Here in Paradise we have been able to avoid the winter this year. A couple of days of light skiffs of snow that melted away. But then came the major event of the last week. It is crazy time when we are warmer here on the west coast of Canada than Houston Texas. A major weather system that brought deep freezing temperatures on the other side of the Rockies.

But we were not saved from this North American wide condition. Starting Friday we had snow coming down in torrents. No wind just snow. Unlike that light dry fluffy snow on the prairies, this comes with 40% humidity. Beautiful to look at (see the bird house) but destructive to the trees and bushes. We had at least 18 inches of snow in the back yard.

I know there is little sympathy from those in the frigid interior. I think the worst we got to was – 7 C one night. No power failures and a couple of days of clearing driveways and sidewalks. Then temperatures came back to normal. Huge piles of snow but going to be gone in a few days. But the final picture is unique to the snow condition here that we have seen in the past.

It is a warm 7 deg and the sun is shining. Looking out on the back yard and the golf course we see this field of dimpled snow. Kind of pretty.