With the major snow event we have had over the last week, Reese has had an issue with her toilet routine. This girl was born in New Mexico, and has not experienced many days with nothing but snow.

In years past Reese and Jacques would play on the snow when they had snow events like children. Doing snow angels and rolling around. Never an issue for toilet procedures.

But Reese is now an older lady and when, at the height of our recent snow dump, she had an issue on going out in the backyard to do her business we were concerned. So even with the snow building up I went out and dug out a stretch of grass for her. It took many trips to keep the area clear as the snow coming down. But she did appreciate it.

The snow is melting and the pee area is now better defined, but she likes it. One benefit is that I no longer have to roam the back yard to clear the solid waste.