Our kids may remember cartoons with Sylvester and Tweety bird where the cat, with a lisp (no idea why a cat would have a lisp) would exclaim “Sufferin Succotash” No idea what that meant.

But apparently it is based on a veggie dish often made in the south of the US.

I was preparing my famous South Carolina BBQ back ribs tonight. Pat thought she would augment with another traditional side dish. Succotash.

A bit of background. We like Lima Beans, and often had them on the side in the years past. But apparently this particular bean is not popular on the West Coast. So we cannot find it often at the grocery store. Earlier this week I managed to find a supply and we had them with my steak (and Patty’s tuna). We had leftover lima beans and, as I said, Pat went looking for a recipe to use them with our Sunday night Rib dinner.

Succotash is a mixture of corn kernels and lima beans and peppers and many other things.

The succotash went perfect with our South Carolina ribs.