I have to be careful in my titles because I am receiving many contacts based on the title that is asking me to share my blog with them (always with a caveat that I connect to their blog and pay money) Well it is as it is. I think I have ducked this from the trollers so time to go on.

There is no question that the isolation of the pandemic is a restriction on normal life. But one benefit is the opportunity to experiment on dining experiences. Granted Patty and I often have a burger night and a chicken wing night and a pizza night, but we do take the occasionally go out of the box.

Tomorrow I am preparing Veal Scaloppini with a Mushroom sauce for dinner.

I know you are thinking this is an easy meal.  Granted I was able to obtain true veal slices from our butcher. But here is the issue.

The sauce requires a reduction of white wine. Pat is in lent and abstaining from alcohol including wine. She does relent to a glass of wine with the Sunday dinner but this will be Wednesday. I have assured her that the alcohol is removed in the process of making the mushroom sauce (and she believes me)

I think back to when we had kids and most evenings were how quick could you get the meal to the table before they had to rush off and could you pick a meal that they would eat. But with pandemic we have the time to do something special.