When we lived in Markham I played a lot of sports. Big part of our summer was my part of the Slow Pitch league. My buddy Phil had convinced me to try out and I made one of the expansion teams. I could not make Phil’s team because they were the Yankees of the time.

We formed a team from new guys, called the Cheese Cutters. That came from a local shop of ladies that sold cheese and had sponsored us to partially pay for our uniforms. Ugly orange uniforms of polyester.

The team did not do well that year but in the following seasons we got better. Eventually we bought cotton jerseys. I think every member of the team would shop at this little Cheese Cutter store and I hope they broke even.

Still many, many evenings with me playing ball. Very rarely would any of the kids show up for my game. And we had a lot of losing seasons. But still it would have been nice to have James react to a Cheese Cutter loss like this