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The Award Show

Sunday we watched the Academy Awards on TV. We have been watching these for probably over 50 years. Back when Pat and I were dating we probably saw every movie nominated and would have our own favorites.

This year was not the best. Obviously with the pandemic, not a lot of great movies were released and we thought we had only seen 2 of them. The Trial of the Chicago 7 and Mank. Neither one was that spectacular, but we did watch them on Netflix this last winter.

Now in the years past we would go to Oscar night parties and often dress up as one of the leading characters. I simply wore a head band to go as Abbie Hoffman. Not that I wanted that character to win, I mean can you imagine Sacha Baron Cohen with a acting Oscar?

When the nominees were listed for best documentary we realized that we had seen another movie. My Octopus Teacher. We stumbled on it a few months ago and thoroughly loved it. So we had something finally to cheer for and, of course, it won. So the award show this year was not a total loss.

If you have not seen it I strongly recommend watching it on Netflix.

Another Completion

1885 in a small town in Montana the birds gathered around their local watering hole.

Another Birdhouse

This is my latest creation. It is a homage to Frank Lloyd Wright.

The roof is Teak as is the garden box.

The strips are a combination of walnut, Pao Amarello and Douglas Fir.

The base and the core of the birdhouse is Cedar.

The flowers are miniature Bonzai blossoms I have been growing (no they are plastic)