Pat and I share a pizza about twice a month. Not an ordered-in pizza, but one I make myself. In the past I would pick up one of the pre-prepared pizzas at Costco and augment with extra toppings. Okay but nothing great.

Then, because we have nothing but time on our hands, I started to make from scratch. We do not have one of those fancy mixing machines, so I make the dough and knead by hand for 10 minutes. Good exercise if you have arthritis.

Later I spread the dough in a round to fit our pizza pan. I have not quite got to the stage where I can fling it in the air spinning. I hope Chandler will visit one day and show me how. But I do achieve a pretty good thin crust.

Our normal pizza is the favoured pepperoni with a lot of veggies.

Now over the years I have gone to some great pizza places. Buddy’s pizza in Detroit was great, and Janine and Vedran would treat us to Deweys in Cincinnatti. Wonderful pizzas.

But the pizzas I make are pretty good. Lots of guts and even though we do not have a proper pizza oven, not a bad crust.

A few weeks ago we had leftover pineapple and as a result of watching a TV ad (those in Canada will know which ad) I decided to make a simple Hawaiian pizza. And it was good.

I will grant you, to pizza lovers this is like a Christian stating they kind of like Thor or Zool. Sacrilegious. Apparently Hawaiian pizza is legally banned in Italy.

Again tonight (Saturday) I had leftover pineapple and black forest ham and decided to make a traditional Canadian pizza. You must know that Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada. Granted I did add a couple of things like spinach and roasted red peppers, but still the traditional Canadian treat.

When I was a teenager I would take my date to Norway bowling alley where we would share a Hawaiian pizza with our friends before rolling. Takes me back but still a great pizza, maybe a little too many toppings. But over the years I followed the concept that this was an evil pizza so we missed this treat for decades.

Great evening as we shared the pizza while sitting outside watching golfers go by.