Our generation comes a time when our parents were aghast at the music we listened to. For instance Everly Brothers Wake up little Suzie was banned on many stations because it implied that they had Sex.

Over the years we became somewhat immune to the music our kids played. I will grant you, never had a taste for James’s infatuation with Twisted Sister. But our daughters seemed to like nice music. We watched lots of videos.

Lately I have been listening to more music down in the workshop instead of watching TV as I move around. I hear some modern (last 20 years) music with sexual connotations and hope my daughters do not listen to this. Not the kind of music we enjoyed when we were young, or so I thought.

Then a series of songs by The Doors came on from the 60s.

Have you ever listened to the lyrics for some of their songs?

We could be so good together for example? We could get it higher… etc

I am surprised that Pat’s parents let her out on dates where we listened to this music in the car. I know I would not.

I think it is just best to enjoy the music and not listen to the lyrics. Or maybe I am becoming an old foggie.