It is Friday or, as we refer it to in our home, as Mackerel Snapper night. I had planned an evening out on the patio with the meal prepared on the BBQ. Turned out to be raining.

Would California just love to have our local issue with many rainy evenings.

I prepared skewers of prawns and local scallops along with skewers of veggies.

Big scallops. Very lightly seasoned and heated just a couple of minutes on the BBQ.

A delicious meal. But always takes me to mind..

Pat’s Aunt Mary used to talk about when she grew up on PEI and Lobster was a poor person’s food. They had to eat it as kids because sometimes real meat was not affordable.

So I wonder if the first Nation people that lived here in the valley over the eons, thought of scallops as poor person food. Granted they did not have lemon pepper to season it… but still….