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A New Blog

I know, you are all wondering if I had passed away. Honestly there is not a lot of excitement going on. Lots of sitting in the back yard watching golfers go by and just loving the scenery, but nothing exciting.

However I do have a peeve I should share.

When we or I take Reesy out for a walk we always have at least two baggies. We try to be responsible dog walkers and pick up when needed, but often I find traces left by dog owners who do not care.

We often take Reese to the local college grounds where there is a lot of space and green areas. Our old lady dog does not like walking the streets in the neighborhood, but does appreciate an adventure location. Particularly if she gets to ride in the passenger seat of little Red.

The college grounds are a popular walking site although you meet very few people. Some time ago I started to bag droppings from other dogs, provided I was within a reasonable walking distance of a garbage can. My observation is that the droppings are not from small dogs but German Shepherds or Boxers or Huskies. Big breeds with owners that strut around bragging about how big their dog is and ignore the wastage.

I recently read about a new law in Tel Aviv. Apparently 10% of residents own dogs and with all the walking they are experiencing a problem with dog droppings not being picked up. So they now require every dog that is licensed must provide a DNA sample when they re-license. When city workers pick up a dog dropping they test for DNA and the owners are charged a $300 fine plus the cost of the testing.

I cannot see our local government taking this on. First of all would be all the lawyers and civil rights people maintaining that dogs have the right to fecal discharge wherever they want. Plus we have many trails that are shared with horse owners and we know full well they would take the case to the Supreme Court rather than unmount and gather the mounds.

Still it would be interesting. I suspect I will have to continue to bring extra bags to cover the laziness of big dog owners.

Poor Reesy

There is no question that older actresses do not want to be photographed without full makeup. The age can be very apparent.

We recently had Reese shaved down like a military school candidate. It was hot and she was very uncomfortable.

Reese seems to love the freedom (granted it is also cooler) these days and she is running around. But it is a good thing we do not have a dog mirror.

Picture 1 is what she normally would look like and Picture 2 is as she is now. Older lady with no makeup.

This will grow back before Janine and Vedran visit, but as we take her on walks, people are stunned to realize that she is a Westie. Reese does not seem to mind, but again there is no mirror and she is the equivalent of 90 years old.