We were wandering through Home Depot today (actually almost a daily event for me but unusual to have the bride with me) when we spotted a feature on the new LED light bulbs.  The normal cost of a 60 watt LED bulb that screws into the base where a 50 cent incandesant bulb normally goes is $29.00.  But due to a BC Hydro promotion I could buy a 60 watt LED bulb for $14.  

The big feature of LED bulbs is the efficiency (even better than Flourescent but without the bad environmental issues) and the long life.  According to the BC Hydro details, the bulb would save $1.51 per year assuming 3 hours a day 365 days a year which would be about a 10 year pay out.  Gotta jump on that investment. 

I immediately convinced Pat that we needed one of these cost saving bulbs.  So we buy the most expensive 60 watt bulb I have ever purchased (I believe Edison’s first hand made bulbs cost less)  Then we face the decision.  Where do we put this marvelous bulb?

I wanted to put it in the table light in our great room so I could point it out to all our visitors how futuristic we are.  However that light is not actually turned on a lot.  Most of our lights in the house are pot lights (and the LED version of these was on sale for $44 which I did not want to pay) 

In the end the bulb went into my bedside table lamp where I can look at each and every night and think what a leading edge techy I am. 

I encourage everyone that visits to ask to see this LED bulb in our bedroom, or I may just take you anyway. 

Still, this is the future.  I will brag about paying $14 for a bulb one day when they come from China for $1